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Top 14 Lucrative Pet Affiliate Programs

Explore our curated list of 14 top-notch pet affiliate programs offering enticing commissions. Turn your passion for pets into a rewarding income stream!

Jul 27, 2023
Top 14 Lucrative Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet owners are a dedicated and caring bunch, always on the lookout for products that enhance the well-being and happiness of their beloved animal companions. The figures don't lie; in 2020, the average dog owner alone spent a substantial $442 on pet food. Clearly, the market for pet-related products is vast, and if you have an audience of animal lovers, you have a golden opportunity to tap into the lucrative world of pet affiliate programs.

Whether you run a pet care blog or any platform catering to pet enthusiasts, the pet niche offers a plethora of affiliate programs that can turn your passion for pets into a rewarding income stream. From pet food to over-the-counter medications, pet furniture, and even vet appointment services, the pet industry has a diverse array of affiliate opportunities, waiting for you to seize.

Imagine earning commissions from popular pet products like dog food or cat toys with every sale generated through your efforts. Becoming a pet product affiliate marketer can be an exciting venture, but it's crucial to make the right choices for both you and your pet-loving audience.

With thousands of pet affiliate programs available, it's essential to do your research and select the ones that align with your niche and resonate with your readers. Monetizing your pet-related website can be highly rewarding, but finding the best pet products and affiliate programs tailored to your audience will ensure your success.

In this article, we have curated a handpicked list of top-notch pet supply affiliate programs, each offering enticing commission rates on sales driven by your referrals.

14 Pet Affiliate Programs You Can Join Right Away!

Here are 14 affiliate marketing programs in the pet niche:

1. Petco Supplies

Petco is a long-established company that has been catering to customers in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for several decades. They have an extensive network of over 1,500 physical stores and a significant online presence. Their online store offers a wide variety of products, including pet food, bedding, and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles.

Beyond just pet supplies, Petco provides additional services such as dog grooming, veterinary care, dog obedience classes, pet sitting, and even in-store adoption events, making them a comprehensive destination for pet owners.

However, like many well-known brands, the commission rates offered by big-brand affiliate programs tend to be relatively low, and Petco's affiliate program is no exception. When promoting their products, including their "Pupbox" subscription box service, affiliates can expect to earn commissions ranging from 0% to 4%, with the "Pupbox" service offering no commission at all.

Despite the modest commission rates, the program's EPC (Earnings Per Click) reveals a substantial volume of online sales, indicating significant potential for affiliate marketers to generate income by promoting Petco's products and services.

Join Petco Affiliate Program

2. Ollie

Ollie, a unique participant in the pet food industry, offers an exceptional affiliate program that sets them apart from traditional dog food providers. While some dog foods contain undesirable fillers like ash, Ollie takes a different approach by crafting their meals from human-grade meat, ensuring top-notch quality for furry companions.

What truly distinguishes Ollie is its personalized service – each meal is customized according to the specific requirements of the dog's breed, age, and activity level, providing tailored nutrition that meets individual needs. Adding to the convenience, these specially curated meals are delivered directly to the customer's doorstep.

As an affiliate marketer for Ollie, you can relish the benefits of their lucrative commission structure. With every new customer referred through your affiliate link, you earn a flat $60, presenting an enticing opportunity to boost your earnings.

Moreover, promoting Ollie's affiliate program goes beyond financial rewards; it also contributes to a greater cause. Ollie generously donates a portion of their proceeds to support dogs in need, making it a win-win situation for all involved. By associating with this affiliate program, you not only provide excellent nutrition to pets but also contribute to the well-being of less fortunate dogs.

So, if you're passionate about providing dogs with the best possible nutrition and want to earn while making a positive impact, Ollie's affiliate program is the perfect choice for you.

Join Ollie Pet Affiliate Program

3. FurHaven Pet Products

The FurHaven Pet Products Affiliate Program presents an excellent opportunity for pet enthusiasts and affiliate marketers alike. Pet beds are in high demand among pet owners who prioritize their furry friends' comfort, and FurHaven offers a delightful selection of luxurious dog beds that cater to this need.

FurHaven goes the extra mile by providing orthopedic beds tailored to meet the requirements of older dogs with frosty snouts and achy limbs, ensuring they receive the utmost care and support.

Affiliate marketers partnering with FurHaven are generously rewarded, receiving 10% of the total value for each sale they drive through the pet affiliate program. With FurHaven's impressive conversion rate of 9.26%, you can expect around 1 in 11 visitors to convert into a sale, earning you an approximate $10 commission per conversion.

It's worth noting that FurHaven's product range includes pet beds at various price points. While some beds are priced at the lower end, resulting in a $10 payout, others boast a higher price tag, reaching up to $200, which means a substantial $20 payout for each sale.

If you're keen to capitalize on the lucrative market for pet beds and wish to earn competitive commissions while promoting top-quality products, the FurHaven Pet Products Affiliate Program should be at the top of your list.

Join FurHaven Pet Products Affiliate Program

4. Whistle

Discover the Whistle Affiliate Program, where you can promote cutting-edge GPS trackers with built-in health monitoring features specially designed for dogs.

A unique aspect of this program is the lack of competition in the dog GPS tracking niche, making it a promising opportunity for affiliate marketers. The Whistle GPS trackers are highly sought after, selling like hotcakes in the market.

While many pet owners primarily invest in GPS trackers to safeguard their dogs against theft, these trackers also prove invaluable in locating escape artists who manage to find their way out of yards.

The Whistle GO tracker surpasses expectations by not only ensuring the safety of your beloved pet but also by providing health monitoring capabilities. It enables pet owners to receive reports on concerning behaviors such as excessive licking or scratching, allowing for timely attention to their pet's well-being.

Despite its numerous benefits, it's essential to note that using the GPS tracker requires a monthly subscription of $9.95 to connect to the AT&T cellular network.

With each successful referral, you can earn an average of $100, making the Whistle Affiliate Program an attractive proposition to bolster your earnings. Additionally, Whistle equips affiliates with a range of optimized creatives, including ads and links, ensuring seamless integration on your website or social platforms.

If you're eager to join an affiliate program that offers innovative pet products with excellent earning potential, the Whistle Affiliate Program awaits your exploration

5. Embark

The Embark Affiliate Program is a gem among affiliate opportunities, boasting a clever domain name and a pet product that taps into the current trend of home DNA testing. With Embark, pet owners can order either a breed identification kit or a comprehensive breed and health kit, offering valuable insights into potential health issues their canine companions might encounter in the future.

Through the Embark DNA home testing kits, customers gain in-depth knowledge about their puppies, including details about ancestry, relatives, and the reasons behind specific behaviors and epigenetic "habits." With kit prices ranging from $129 to $199, affiliate marketers can earn a respectable commission of either $12.90 or $19.90 per sale, making this program an irresistible choice for any pet-related affiliate website.

Join Embark Affiliate Program

6. King Kanine

The King Kanine Affiliate Program presents an interesting opportunity for affiliate marketers, as the company initially made its mark with the innovative King Komb, designed to remove undercoats, excess fur, and dander from dogs. Since its inception, King Kanine's product range has expanded to include a variety of organic CBD pet products for both cats and dogs, all of which undergo independent safety and quality testing and are manufactured in an ISO-90001 Certified FDA facility.

Given that CBD pet products might be a relatively new concept for many pet owners, offering reassurance on issues like quality can prove beneficial. The King Kanine affiliate program acknowledges the importance of building trust and offers a solid commission rate of 15% per sale, making it an enticing option for affiliate marketers seeking to promote high-quality, CBD-infused pet products.

Join King Kanine Affiliate Program

7. PetCube

Curious about what your furry companion does when you're away? PetCube, a sought-after pet affiliate program, has the solution. They offer a range of interactive cameras that allow pet parents to keep a close eye on their beloved pets even when they're not at home.

PetCube's product lineup goes beyond mere surveillance, offering exciting features like the Petcube Bites range, which enables remote treat dispensing, and the Petcube Play, equipped with a built-in laser toy to keep pets engaged and active in the owner's absence.

The prices of PetCube's offerings vary from $39.99 to $199, ensuring substantial earning potential for affiliate marketers with a generous 10% commission rate on each sale.

Join PetCube Affiliate Program

8. Zooplus UK

Catering to our European affiliate marketing colleagues, Zooplus has been operating since 1999 and has successfully navigated through the Dotcom Bust. With an impressive array of 8,000 products, Zooplus promptly ships its offerings to customers across Europe, encompassing a comprehensive range of pet food, accessories, and even at-home medical treatments.

While the commission rates for the Zooplus UK Affiliate Program are set at 7%, affiliate marketers can capitalize on high sales volumes to make up for the relatively lower commission rate.

Join Zooplus UK Affiliate Program

9. BarkBox

The BarkBox Affiliate Program revolves around a captivating subscription box service designed exclusively for dogs. Each month, BarkBox introduces new themed collections that feature two toys, two bags of natural treats, and a dog chew, ensuring an exciting surprise for furry friends.

Starting at $23 per box, BarkBox packs in over $40 worth of premium pet products, making it an enticing choice for dog owners. With an extensive customer base of over two million dogs already enjoying BarkBox, this affiliate program presents a substantial market.

Affiliate marketers partnering with BarkBox receive a flat commission of $18 per sale, which compares favorably with other dog-related affiliate programs. However, given the subscription-based nature of BarkBox, a recurring commission structure would enhance the program's appeal even further.

Join BarkBox Affiliate Program

10. Furbo

The Furbo Affiliate Program shares similarities with Petcube, offering interactive smart cameras that allow dog owners to remotely engage with their furry companions through live video, two-way communication, and treat-tossing capabilities when they are away from home.

Furbo's cameras boast exceptional 1080p Full HD picture quality, featuring 4x zoom and a wide-angle view of 160 degrees, ensuring pet owners don't miss a moment. With added night vision functionality, Furbo provides round-the-clock monitoring.

Beyond its impressive camera features, Furbo incorporates other smart elements, such as sending alerts when the dog barks, allowing owners to quickly check-in and ensure their pet's well-being.

While the commission rate for Furbo's dog camera affiliate program may not be the highest among the brands listed, a respectable 5% cut on sales of a $130+ product offers a fair earning opportunity for affiliates.

Join Furbo Affiliate Program

11. PetPlate

The PetPlate Affiliate Program stands out as a custom subscription meal plan service, providing dogs with 100% human-quality food. Their meals consist of USDA-grade meat, fruits, vegetables, and a proprietary supplement blend, making them a popular choice among both dogs and their human owners. With over 10 million meals delivered to date, PetPlate has established itself as a reliable and well-received service.

Unlike most pet affiliate programs that offer a percentage of each sale, PetPlate offers a flat $25 commission on all purchases made within a 30-day cookie window. The program also provides special deals and bonuses throughout the year, enabling affiliates to drive more traffic and increase sales.

Join PetPlate Affiliate Program

12. NomNomNow

Established in 2015, the NomNomNow Affiliate Program revolves around a subscription box service offering home-delivered pet meals made from fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients. Each meal is carefully portioned based on the specific nutritional needs of individual pets, ensuring their well-being.

In addition to their natural pet food, NomNomNow extends its product range to include probiotics and microbiome testing kits, catering to pet owners who prioritize their furry friends' gut health.

The NomNomNow affiliate program offers a range of commissions, varying by pet type. Cat items earn affiliates $40 per order, dog items yield $80 per order, and all other sales offer a flat $24 commission, providing a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to promote high-quality pet products.

Join NomNomNow Affiliate Program

13. Revival Animal Health

Since 1989, Revival Animal Health has been dedicated to providing pet owners in the US and beyond with top-quality pet health products, ranging from medications and supplements to vaccinations.

Their extensive website showcases an impressive catalog of 1,500 pet products, attracting customers with an average order value of $110, which translates to substantial earning potential for affiliate marketers.

Revival Animal Health offers a competitive flat rate commission of 10% per sale, along with a generous 45-day cookie window, giving affiliates ample time to earn commissions from their referrals.

To further aid affiliates in driving traffic and closing deals, the website runs regular customer promotions and provides free shipping for qualified orders. Additionally, affiliates gain access to a dedicated affiliate manager who can offer support and guidance.

Join Revival Animal Health Affiliate Program

14. PawHealer

PawHealer specializes in selling herbal remedies for dogs and cats, focusing on improving their health using traditional Chinese medicinal formulas and techniques.

A standout feature of the PawHealer Affiliate Program is its 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders, which is advantageous for affiliate marketers looking to boost conversion rates.

The program terms vary depending on the network. For example, on ShareASale, existing customers earn a commission of 7.5%, while new customers yield a more attractive 15% commission. The cookie length for this program is set at 60 days, providing a reasonable window for affiliates to earn from their referrals.

For those already affiliated with ShareASale or similar networks, sticking with the corresponding affiliate program is advisable. However, for new affiliates, choosing the program with terms that align with their preferences and goals is the best approach.

Join PawHealer Affiliate Program


The pet industry is undeniably booming, with a staggering worth of USD 246.66 billion in 2023. While it may be a competitive landscape, the potential for success is boundless, limited only by your dedication and strategic approach.

As demonstrated by the pet affiliate programs discussed above, there are lucrative opportunities that can significantly contribute to your earnings. Some niche sites have achieved remarkable profitability solely by focusing on topics like dog food, showcasing the immense potential within the pet niche.

If you're seeking to monetize your website and make money through affiliate marketing, the pet niche presents an attractive avenue. The pet affiliate programs mentioned in this article offer genuine opportunities to see substantial returns, turning your passion for pets into a profitable venture.

To embark on this journey, all you need is a website or blog where you can effectively promote these pet products and engage with your audience. As a pet affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions by driving sales of pet food, toys, supplements, and various other products.

If you're eager to get started in the world of pet affiliate marketing, you can sign up for these affiliate programs instantly through, gaining access to a range of exciting opportunities without any complex marketing tactics.

So, if you're passionate about pets and looking to leverage that passion into a profitable online venture, pet affiliate marketing awaits your exploration. Take the leap, promote these exceptional pet products, and let your dedication and creativity guide you toward a rewarding and successful affiliate marketing journey.


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