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Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Link Management

Optimize your affiliate marketing efforts with the best WordPress affiliate link manager plugins! Streamline your journey and maximize your earnings.

Aug 4, 2023
Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Link Management

Are you tired of the daunting task of managing countless affiliate links on your WordPress site?

Have broken links and tracking revenue become a headache?

Fear not, as we have the perfect solution for you – the 5 best affiliate link manager WordPress plugins!

These magical plugins will transform your affiliate linking experience, saving you time and effort. From automatically linking keywords to optimizing your affiliate earnings, these plugins offer a range of features that will take your affiliate marketing game to new heights.

Easily manage, track, and share your links without any hassle, allowing you to sit back and relax while the plugins do the hard work.

In a sea of thousands of links, finding the right ones can be a nightmare. Whether you need to cloak links, add "nofollow" attributes, or analyze click-through rates, these plugins have got you covered.

Proper link management is crucial for a successful SEO strategy, which is essential for all affiliate marketers. To boost your website's SEO rankings and provide accurate analytics, consider these five better alternatives to the default WordPress links manager.

So, gear up to supercharge your affiliate link management with these top-notch WordPress plugins. Let's dive into the world of seamless link management and take your affiliate marketing endeavors to the next level.

A WordPress Link Manager Plugin serves as a valuable tool for efficiently managing a collection of links. Within the administrator panel, you have the convenience of adding new links, as well as modifying or removing existing ones. By default, WordPress provides a widget that can be added to a sidebar, allowing you to display your links. However, you have multiple options to showcase and utilize these added links, including the option to create your own links using the dedicated API.

In earlier versions of WordPress prior to Version 3.5, the WordPress Links Manager was included as a default feature. However, for new installations, the Links Manager and blogroll were hidden. Additionally, if you were using an earlier version than 3.5 and performed an upgrade, the Links Manager would be removed if you had no existing links in your collection.

Discovering the perfect Affiliate Link Management Plugins for WordPress bloggers can be a game-changer, especially if you're just starting your affiliate marketing journey.

Luckily, WordPress Plugin Repository offers a treasure trove of plugins – over 60,000 to be exact – designed to enhance your website without requiring any coding knowledge. Among these, a search for "affiliate marketing" yields over 900 results, making it a daunting task for newcomers to navigate the vast selection.

But fear not, we've done the hard work for you! We've carefully curated the top 5 plugins that excel in managing WordPress affiliate links. Let's dive in and find the ideal tools to elevate your affiliate marketing experience.

Get ready to streamline your journey and maximize your affiliate potential with these remarkable plugins.

Presenting Shopper - The Ultimate Affiliate Link Management WordPress Plugin, the most powerful addition to our list.'s WordPress plugin is a game-changer for bloggers seeking to maximize their affiliate marketing earnings. This plugin simplifies the entire process, enabling instant collaboration with over 25,000 brands. Managing all your affiliate links in one place becomes effortless, and you can even create product displays that have been shown to boost sales by 25%.

Navigating the challenges of affiliate link management, especially with multiple brands, becomes a breeze with our user-friendly WordPress affiliate plugin. Packed with powerful features, Shopper ensures you can maximize your earnings without the hassle.

Here's why WordPress Plugin is the ideal choice for bloggers:

Collaborate with 25,000+ Brands

Join forces with over 25,000 brands to promote and earn from a vast array of high-quality products.

High-Converting Product Displays

Choose from pre-designed product displays that have proven to generate 25% more sales, ensuring higher earnings from the same traffic.

Easy Link Management

Organize all your affiliate links in one place, streamlining the process and making it simple to keep track of everything.

Link Break Alerts

Get instant notifications when your links stop working, enabling you to fix them promptly and never miss out on a single sale.

API Access

Seamlessly integrates your Shopper links with other tools and platforms you use, expanding your reach across various platforms.

Amazon Link Localization

Enhance user experience and increase sales by automatically directing customers to their local Amazon store based on their location.

Sales Analytics

Gain valuable insights, including clicks and conversions, for every product you promote, thanks to our powerful sales analytics.

Seamless Compatibility with Gutenberg Block

Enjoy effortless integration of our product displays with the default WordPress editor Gutenberg, ensuring more sales without technical difficulties.

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2. Linker

Linker is an incredibly valuable plugin that proves highly beneficial for users seeking link cloaking and link statistics. This tool enables the creation of short links, effective management of 301 redirects, and comprehensive tracking of link engagement. Its standout feature lies in its ability to cloak affiliate links by concealing the actual URL and providing detailed statistics on link popularity.

Say goodbye to relying on other link-shortening services because, with Pretty Links, you can now present your links in a sleek and professional manner.

But that's just the beginning! Pretty Links goes beyond shortening by meticulously tracking every click on your URL, offering a comprehensive report of its origin – be it from Twitter, emails, or comments on other blogs. You'll even gain insights into the browser, operating system, and host used to access your link.

Clean up your affiliate links effortlessly and expand your website's reach by sharing your shortened links on forums, social media, and other blogs.

Get started with the free version that offers essential features, or level up with the paid version, boasting advanced WordPress affiliate link manager capabilities. Unleash the power of Pretty Links and take your link management to new heights!

This remarkable WordPress plugin empowers you to create and shorten various types of links effortlessly. Notably, it features affiliate link masking, ensuring smooth click-through experiences for your visitors and boosting your potential for earning commissions. Moreover, you can transform lengthy, cumbersome URLs into simple and memorable links like ',' perfect for easy sharing.

But wait, there's more! With hit count stats, you gain valuable insights into the performance of each link, tracking clicks over time. Worried about search engine friendliness? No need to fret – Affiliate Links allow you to set up nofollow and noindex attributes for your redirects, ensuring search engines won't penalize you for using affiliate links.

Managing numerous links has never been easier – you can organize them into link categories, keeping everything neat and accessible.

For those seeking advanced features and real-time reporting of affiliate revenue right within your WordPress website, the premium version of Affiliate Links is the way to go. Take your link management to the next level with Affiliate Links Lite and watch your website flourish!

Easy Affiliate Links – the ultimate plugin that caters to all your link management needs, whether you prefer regular links or fancy HTML code. This versatile tool allows you to create short links for cloaking your affiliate links while leaving some uncloaked for seamless compatibility with Amazon.

Compatible with both the Classic Editor and the new Gutenberg Block Editor, Easy Affiliate Links seamlessly integrates into your WordPress site. Even in Elementor, you can effortlessly add affiliate links using their text widget.

Organize your links efficiently by assigning categories and gain valuable insights with monthly and lifetime click counts for each product or service you're promoting through your links.

Worried about compliance and disclosure? Fear not! Easy Affiliate Links automatically adds a text disclaimer for your affiliate links, ensuring transparency for your audience. Additionally, you can utilize UGC and sponsored attributes to enhance the credibility of your affiliate or referral links.

With Easy Affiliate Links by your side, managing your links has never been smoother or more effective. Embrace the power of this plugin and take your affiliate marketing endeavors to new heights.

That's it, folks!

Now you're well-versed in the top-notch WordPress affiliate link manager plugins! As a savvy website owner, it's essential to strike the right balance when it comes to installing plugins. Keeping the number of plugins in check is crucial to maintain optimal loading speed for your website. With that in mind, we recommend opting for a single, powerful plugin that can perform multiple functions seamlessly.

In this regard,'s Ultimate WordPress plugin shines as a true all-rounder in our list. With this single, versatile plugin, you can not only participate in affiliate partnerships but also manage your affiliate links with utmost ease. Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of this powerful plugin to streamline your affiliate marketing endeavors and unlock new possibilities for your website's success.


In conclusion, you are now armed with the knowledge of the best WordPress affiliate link manager plugins that can elevate your affiliate marketing game to new heights. These plugins not only save you valuable time but also play a crucial role in maximizing your revenue and streamlining link automation.

Among the impressive array of plugins discussed, the Affiliate Link Management WordPress Plugin stands out as the ultimate powerhouse. With its user-friendly interface and an extensive list of features, simplifies affiliate marketing for bloggers and creators alike.

From collaborating with over 25,000 brands to generating high-converting product displays, empowers you to optimize your affiliate links and boost your earnings significantly.

Embrace the power of automation and efficiency, and watch as your affiliate marketing endeavors flourish like never before. Make the most of these tools and unlock the full potential of your website with the help of these remarkable plugins.


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