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Bershka is one of the leading clothing retailers in Spain that is known to offer one of the biggest ranges of apparel and fashion wear in the country. With an impressive lineup that features leading brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Oysho, Uterque, Stradivarius, Zara Home, and many more, they are one of the best. Being one of the most popular retailers of apparel in the country, you can always find plenty of sales and discounts that let you save big on all your orders. There are also plenty of Bershka coupon codes, listed on websites like ours that can be picked to claim amazing discounts and reductions on your orders. Bershka now has more than 1000 stores, located across 71 countries with their online service available in different countries.

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Bershka Affiliate Payout

Bershka Affiliate Program - Get up to 10% payout per sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Bershka Affiliate Program?

    The Bershka affiliate program is a partnership initiative that allows individuals and businesses to promote Bershka's products and services on their platforms in exchange for a commission. Affiliates use unique tracking links and promotional materials provided by Bershka to drive traffic and sales to the platform. When customers make bookings or purchases through these links, affiliates earn a percentage of the resulting sales. This program presents an opportunity for content creators, bloggers, website owners, and travel enthusiasts to monetize their online presence while connecting their audience with Bershka's offerings.
  • How can I join the Bershka Affiliate Program? offers a seamless experience by providing instant approval for the Bershka affiliate program. This means that individuals and businesses looking to join the program can quickly gain access without the usual waiting period. Through's platform, aspiring affiliates can swiftly begin their journey to promote Bershka's offerings and earn commissions, making the process of becoming a Bershka affiliate more efficient and convenient.
  • What is the commission rate for Bershka affiliates?

    The Bershka affiliate program offers a payout rate of 10%, enabling participants to earn a commission for referring customers to Bershka's products and services. This program provides an opportunity for affiliates to monetize their platforms by promoting Bershka's products and services, while earning a percentage of the resulting sales.
  • What happens if a customer returns a product I referred?

    When a customer returns a product that you referred through Bershka's affiliate program, it could potentially impact your affiliate commission. Bershka's policy generally states that if a customer returns a product they purchased through your affiliate link, the commission earned on that sale may be reversed or deducted from your account. This is because affiliate commissions are typically based on completed and confirmed purchases. If a purchase is later refunded or returned, it might lead to an adjustment in your earned commission.
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