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Discover the Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Join Today

Tap into the explosive growth of the gaming industry! Join the top 12 gaming affiliate programs now & monetize your passion. Level up your earnings!

Jul 24, 2023
Discover the Best Gaming Affiliate Programs to Join Today

In 2022, the gaming industry achieved a remarkable feat, reaching a market size of USD 249.55 billion. As we move into 2023, this figure is projected to climb to USD 281.77 billion, with further growth anticipated to reach a staggering USD 665.77 billion by 2030, reflecting a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 13.1%.

This astonishing growth clearly indicates the vast potential for affiliate marketers within the gaming industry. Unless you have immersed yourself in the world of gaming or have been in close proximity to gamers, it's likely that you're unaware of the profound dedication and passion we possess for our beloved pastime.

Gaming, once considered a pursuit exclusively for hardcore enthusiasts, has now become a mainstream phenomenon. Consequently, it's only logical to assume that there are numerous affiliate programs available in the gaming niche.

We’ve accumulated some of the best affiliate programs in the gaming niche that you join right away by creating an account on

Top 12 Gaming Affiliate Programs

Here are the top 12 gaming affiliate programs that you can join in one click:

  1. Razer
  2. ModdedZone
  3. Bose
  4. Into the AM
  5. Microsoft
  6. Logitech
  7. Green Man Gaming
  8. Kinguin
  9. Fanatical
  10. Sennheiser
  11. Origin PC
  12. SCDKey

1. Razer Affiliate Program

At Razer, you'll find an extensive range of products that cater to the desires of every gamer, whether they're PC enthusiasts, console players, or mobile gaming aficionados.

Not stopping at just gaming peripherals, Razer even ventures into the realm of energy drinks with their aptly named Respawn, providing a unique gaming experience with a touch of uniqueness.

Established in 2005, Razer proudly claims the title of being the foremost lifestyle brand for gamers, and it's hard to dispute that claim. Ask any gamer about their gaming wish list, and a Razer product is likely to feature prominently within their top choices.

Admittedly, Razer products come with a higher price tag, but their immense popularity drives gamers to save up and invest in them. It's worth noting that Razer offers a range of gaming laptops starting from a base price of US$1,500.

The computer hardware industry has always operated on thin profit margins. Therefore, when it comes to commissions for promoting Razer products, there's a sliding scale ranging from 1% to 20%, depending on the specific items sold.

Gamers are well-acquainted with the Razer brand, so it's only natural for them to expect its presence on any reputable gaming blog. Razer's reputation precedes them, and they continue to be a prominent name in the gaming community.

Join Razer Gaming Affiliate Program

2. ModdedZone Affiliate Program

ModdedZone proudly claims the title of being the premier destination for custom modification controllers, and while it's difficult to think of many other competitors in this niche, we'll take their word for it.

This brand offers an extensive array of controller designs, catering to a wide range of video game consoles, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

As mentioned earlier, the words "custom" and "expensive" often go hand in hand. With high-performance controllers surpassing the $100 mark, it comes as no surprise that ModdedZone boasts an average order value of $150.

Considering these figures, the 10% commission rate offered through ModdedZone's gaming affiliate program becomes even more enticing. Additionally, the program's generous 90-day cookie window sets it apart as one of the most favorable gaming affiliate programs we've come across during our research.

To further incentivize potential customers, it's worth noting that ModdedZone provides free shipping on all orders within the United States and also offers worldwide shipping. This customer-friendly approach enhances the chances of driving sales and attracting a global audience to their unique product offerings.

Join ModdedZone Gaming Affiliate Program

3. Bose

While there are other companies in the market that manufacture top-notch headphones and speakers, Bose stands out as one of the best in the business.

Certainly, we could have highlighted Skullcandy or Steel Series headsets, but not only do I personally believe Bose products to be superior, but their affiliate program also shines when considering the numbers.

Gamers have an affinity for comfortable noise-canceling headphones, as they allow for immersive experiences within their preferred gaming realms. Additionally, those who live with gamers appreciate the benefits of noise-canceling headphones, as the alternative often involves walls vibrating from subwoofers and speakers.

It's important to note that the commission rate offered by the Bose Affiliate Program is relatively modest, which aligns with the standard for consumer electronic products. However, it's essential to take into account the higher price tag associated with Bose products. A quality pair of Bose wireless headphones can easily cost around $300.

With this price point in mind, each visitor's purchase of a pair of headphones through your affiliate link would earn you a $10 commission. While the commission rate may not be the highest, the potential earnings are still significant due to the premium nature of Bose products

Join Bose Affiliate Program

4. Into the AM

Into The AM stands as a prominent manufacturer of clothing that caters to gamers and individuals seeking truly distinctive designs.

The name itself resonates with the essence of immersive gaming sessions that often commence in the evening and extend well into the early morning hours.

When it comes to gamer gear, Into The AM offers a diverse range of fully licensed t-shirts inspired by popular games such as World of Warcraft, God of War, and Assassin's Creed. Additionally, they provide joggers, presenting a convenient option for gamers planning lengthy gaming marathons who prefer to forgo the hassle of wearing traditional pants.

It's worth noting that every product sold by Into The AM is meticulously handcrafted using eco-friendly materials and inks, enabling consumers to contribute to environmental sustainability while enjoying their stylish apparel.

Among the various gamer clothing affiliate programs we evaluated, Into The AM emerged as the leading choice. With a solid EPC (Earnings Per Click) exceeding $50 and a 10% commission rate, the potential for earning favorable returns is apparent. This is further reinforced by considering that their average t-shirt is priced at $32.

However, it is important to recognize that while the Into The AM Affiliate Program presents a lucrative opportunity, it is typically more advantageous to promote it alongside other gaming affiliate programs. Solely focusing on clothing referrals may not generate substantial income on its own, but when combined with other programs, it can contribute to a more rewarding affiliate marketing endeavor.

Join Into The AM Gaming Affiliate Program

5. Microsoft

Microsoft, a globally recognized technology powerhouse, boasts a workforce of over 100,000 professionals across the globe. Renowned for its expertise in developing, manufacturing, licensing, and selling computer software, consumer electronics, services, and cloud-based solutions, Microsoft has solidified its position in the industry. Among its notable offerings are the widely used Windows operating system and the popular Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Established on April 4, 1975, by the visionary duo of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft emerged from the ashes of a previous venture called Traf-O-Data. Venturing into the computer industry in 1980, Microsoft made a significant stride with the acquisition of IBM's PC. Subsequently, in 1983, the company launched its own version of the IBM PC, aptly named the MS-DOS operating system, which experienced remarkable success. Microsoft went public on November 25, 1986, and has since evolved into one of the world's largest software corporations.

The Microsoft Affiliate Program serves as an opportunity to partner with this technological giant, tapping into its expansive range of products and services. Through this program, affiliates can earn commissions by promoting Microsoft's diverse offerings to their audiences. By aligning with Microsoft, affiliates can explore the ever-growing realm of technological advancements and leverage the reputation and innovation associated with this industry titan.

Join Microsoft Affiliate Program

6. Logitech

Logitech has garnered significant recognition for its keyboards and mice, long beloved by gamers worldwide. However, their prowess extends far beyond that, encompassing a wide array of gaming accessories under the distinguished "Logitech G" brand.

Step into the realm of Logitech's gaming peripherals, and you'll find an impressive selection of speakers, headsets, webcams, gaming mouse pads, controllers, flight yokes, joysticks, and steering wheels. Notably, they even offer a unique "heavy equipment bundle" tailored for Farming Simulator enthusiasts, allowing them to authentically recreate tractor controls within the comfort of their own living rooms.

Diversity is indeed at the core of Logitech's offerings, catering to every individual's unique preferences and gaming interests. Their gaming accessories are renowned for their exceptional aesthetics and unmatched durability, setting them apart from cheaper imitations.

Although there was some initial hesitation due to their 'Network Earnings' score, Logitech's impressive EPC and above-average commission rate of 4% earned them a spot in the lineup. Notably, certain sub-niches of gaming, such as flight and driving simulations, inherently feature Logitech products as some of the finest available.

Join Logitech Affiliate Program

7. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming stands out as a global e-commerce technology company that has centered its focus solely on the vibrant video game industry. With an extensive catalog that spans across various platforms, from captivating indie titles to blockbuster AAA releases, Green Man Gaming collaborates with over 450 publishers, developers, and distributors.

If you're an aspiring affiliate marketer seeking to capitalize on video game sales, the Green Man Gaming affiliate program presents an enticing opportunity for you. Through the renowned CJ affiliate network, this program offers an attractive commission structure of 5% per sale on purchases made by new users and 2% on returning user sales.

To enhance your ability to drive clicks and attract potential customers, Green Man Gaming provides a diverse selection of both general and product-specific advertisements. Moreover, they are open to considering bespoke requests from affiliate marketers, enabling you to tailor your promotional efforts to suit your unique audience.

Join Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program

8. Kinguin

Kinguin, a renowned global digital marketplace, stands as a leading provider of game keys, ensuring instant delivery 24/7, catering to gamers' needs around the clock.

Boasting an impressive 10 million registered accounts and facilitating 500,000 new transactions each month, it's clear that Kinguin holds a prominent position in the gaming niche.

However, what truly sets Kinguin apart is its exceptional gaming affiliate program, which ranks among the best we've encountered. The program's multi-tiered commission structure elevates earning potential to a whole new level. On a fundamental basis, you can earn a generous 5% from every sale originating from your referral links.

Yet, it doesn't stop there. Kinguin's affiliate program takes things up a notch by offering an enticing 0.75% share of commissions from new affiliate marketers who join through your referral link. This unique feature enables you to enjoy passive income as you contribute to growing the Kinguin community.

Join Kinguin Affiliate Program

9. Fanatical

Fanatical stands as a renowned global gaming and digital entertainment platform, offering an impressive collection of hot new video game releases, beloved classics, and thoughtfully curated gaming bundles. With a vast network of over 1,000 direct partnerships with major developers and publishers, including SEGA, Warner Bros, and Bethesda, Fanatical commands a vast audience of more than 1.6 million customers across 200 countries.

The magnitude of Fanatical's catalog is awe-inspiring, housing over 85 million genuine, officially licensed PC game keys for Steam and a multitude of other platforms such as Epic, Uplay, Bethesda, Rockstar, and ESO online. As you can imagine, the possibilities for earnings through Fanatical's gaming affiliate program are extensive.

With commissions ranging from 2% to 5% on sales of new PC games, the earning potential is already enticing. However, the rewards don't stop there. Fanatical also extends the opportunity to earn 3% to 6% on non-gaming items such as books and comics. This diversity of offerings allows affiliate marketers to explore various avenues for earning commissions.

If you're an affiliate marketer seeking a world of gaming rewards, the Fanatical Affiliate Program presents an exceptional opportunity to tap into a global gaming community and cater to a vast audience of passionate gamers.

Join Fanatical Gaming Affiliate Program

10. Sennheiser

While Sennheiser may not be directly associated with the video game industry, its high-quality audio equipment has garnered immense love and popularity among numerous video game enthusiasts, earning it a well-deserved place on this list.

With a rich history spanning over 75 years, Sennheiser has earned its place as a world-renowned manufacturer of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones, and cutting-edge wireless transmission systems. Positioned at the premium end of the audio market, Sennheiser's top-notch headphones can reach prices of approximately $450.

As an affiliate marketer, this prospect should undoubtedly ignite your excitement, as premium prices often translate to substantial commissions. Sennheiser's gaming affiliate program stands out with an impressive 6% commission per sale, offering an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the passion and loyalty of audio enthusiasts and gaming aficionados alike.

When you partner with Sennheiser, you venture into the realm of elevating gaming audio experiences to new heights. Whether it's the immersive soundscape of a captivating gaming world or the clarity of communication during multiplayer battles, Sennheiser's products enhance the overall gaming experience.

Join Sennheiser Affiliate Program

11. Origin PC

Origin PC has earned a special place in the hearts of hardcore PC gamers worldwide. Renowned for crafting award-winning custom gaming PCs, Origin PC caters to enthusiasts, professionals, and everyone in between.

The allure of "custom" often comes with a price, and Origin PC is no exception. Their gaming laptops come with a price tag of $2,000, and dedicated gaming PCs can be even pricier, catering to those seeking top-of-the-line performance.

While you might not expect this gaming affiliate program to offer 50% commissions, the exact commission rates are kept under wraps, as they are determined on a case-by-case basis. To unveil the exciting potential, all you need to do is apply to the affiliate program and be granted entry.

Join Origin PC Affiliate Program

12. SCDKey

SCDKey boasts a decade-long legacy of selling video game codes and keys, positioning itself as a well-known and respected name in its domain. With a diverse selection of codes and keys for the hottest games across various stores and platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and PlayStation, SCDKey stands as a fantastic choice for affiliate marketers looking to promote games and earn rewards.

The earning potential of this gaming affiliate program is truly impressive, with commission rates soaring up to 20%. This feature sets it apart as one of the most rewarding programs in the gaming niche.

As if that wasn't enough, SCDKey goes above and beyond by rewarding top-performing affiliate marketers with bonus commissions. Achieve 80 orders a month, and you'll receive an additional $100 on top of your regular commissions, truly elevating the potential for earning significant rewards.

With the Origin PC and SCDKey Affiliate Programs, you unlock the gateway to a world of gaming delights, catering to PC gaming enthusiasts and video game aficionados alike. Embrace these opportunities and embark on a rewarding journey, where passion, performance, and prosperity converge in the realm of gaming.

Join SCDKey Affiliate Program


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