With Shopper.com Wordpress Plugin 2.4, anyone can enable or disable usage tracking from within their WordPress admin area. It sends us basic information about the Wordpress setup, how Shopper WP is installed, and how it is used.By enabling usage tracking, we are able to:

  • Identify how the plugin is set up and inform the development of new features.
  • Assess the impact of a specific feature or update if something goes wrong, and take action sooner if a problem arises.
  • In the event that a security issue is detected, we will contact users.
  • Choosing to share your data helps us improve Shopper.com WP plugin. Understanding how you use the WP Plugin helps us create more useful features, write better documentation, and make the plugin more useful.

What we’ll track

We track non-sensitive information about how the plugin is installed and managed. No personal information is tracked or stored about your clients.Examples of what we track:

  • General information about the store, such as URLs and plugin statuses
  • Details about the active theme
  • Technical details about the WordPress, HTTP server, PHP and SQL configuration
  • High level information about all installed plugins
  • Configuration related to Blocks and Shopper.com WP Settings

Once you choose to share tracking data with us, it is automatically sent to our servers.