If you are new to domain name management, here are some terms that can help you connect your domain name to your Shopper store.

DNS Settings

DNS or Domain Name System refers to the settings offered by your domain provider. By using the DNS, you can add and edit records related to your domain name. You need to access your DNS settings to add or edit your CNAME record.

CNAME Record

The CNAME record, or Canonical Name record, is a resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that points to another domain name. You will need to create a CNAME record in order to connect your domain to your Shopper store.

Root Domains

Any domain that doesn't have subdomains in front of it is known as a Root Domain. These are added to the DNS record using the "@" symbol. For instance, Shopper.com is a Root Domain as it does not have any other subdomain in front. Please note that there are only a few domain providers who will let you use a root domain with a CNAME record.

Sub Domain

Any subdivision of a domain name is known as a subdomain. Simple terms, Shopper.com is the root domain, and api.shopper.com is a subdomain. Almost any word can be used as a subdomain.

Forward Settings

Domain forwarding or forwarding settings refer to the process of automatically redirecting customers from one domain to another. With forward settings, you can direct customers at ease from shopper.com to www.shopper.com.

Please note that domain forwarding cannot be used to connect your custom domain. But, you need to use the forwarder setting along with adding to your CNAME record for pointing to your custom domain to your Shopper store.