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Viral TikTok Made me Buy Products in 2022

Sep 28, 2022
Viral TikTok Made me Buy Products in 2022

TikTok is not just a video sharing platform anymore.

Today, TikTok is home to some of the best video creators, leading brands, artists, and many more. TikTok is also one of the fastest growing influencer and affiliate marketing platforms in 2022.

That’s why most of the brands have an active presence on the platform.

If you are someone that keeps an eye out for interesting and innovative products on the market, then you must have already come across some of the viral products on TikTok.

If not, it is high time you check out these viral Amazon TikTok products that you must buy in 2022.

Not only are these products quirky, smart and save you time, it is also easy to get an honest feedback about these products by going through videos of the same.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on some of these must buy viral Amazon TikTok products, we got you covered with a list of the absolute best viral Amazon TikTok products!

1. All-in-One International Travel Adapter

When you are traveling, charging any electrical gadget can be a challenge as different countries have differences in charging sockets.


#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #traveling #adaptor #europe #austria #UK #USA #ITALY

♬ Myself - Bazzi

With an all-in-one international travel adapter, you can fix this issue to a great extend.

When you are traveling, charging any electrical gadget can be a challenge as different countries have differences in charging sockets.

With an all-in-one international travel adapter, you can fix this issue to a great extend.

There are several retailers that offer all-in-one international power adapters with four USB ports, a universal AC socket, and covers charging sockets from more than 150 countries across the world.

Most of these travel adapters are also optimized to support a wide range of devices, making it a must buy to consider.

2. White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder

If you are active on TikTok, you would have come across magnetic wall key holders that are shaped like cute little clouds.


Magnetic cloud key holder ☁️ #tiktokmademebuy #amazonmusthaves #amazonhaul #musthaves #favoritefinds

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

What’s even amazing about this cute home decor is that it only costs you $7!

Place it somewhere near your door and leave your keys hanging.

This multipurpose wall holder with a magnet can also be used as a placeholder to leave your jewelry making it a win-win deal to buy.

3. Drinks and Snacks Sofa Caddy With Armrest

Who can resist the offer of getting a couch caddy that comes with USB charging ports, a spill-proof cup holder, a snack section that can be used as a second cup holder, and a phone holder that can be flipped into an arm rest!


Spill proof & keeps your devices charged! #amazonfinds2022 #amazonmusthaves #amazongadgets #amazonhomefinds #amazonhome

♬ original sound - Julianna Christensen

This miniature multipurpose drinks and snacks sofa caddy has answers to all your movie night needs.

Flip it up as an armrest when you want, or convert the arm rest into more space for your snacks and drinks.

It’s also on the compact side which further makes it easy to carry it around your home, and place it wherever you need.

4. Auto Magnetic Stainless Steel Self Stirring Mug

No more spoon and stir for your hot chocolate, coffee, or tea if you have this amazing auto magnetic stainless steel self stirring mug!


#coffeemug #automaticmug #stirringmug #tiktokmademebuyit #foryou

♬ Touch Down To Cause Hell (KingMix) - Kingdanzz__

Add the ingredients like milk, chocolate, coffee powder and switch on the magic button on the mug’s handle. Watch a mini tornado form as the cup spins to auto stir the ingredients.

Wait for the spin to complete, and voila - your hot chocolate or coffee that you have been craving for is all ready with the cream and perfect mix.

This mug is also a great choice to gift a loved one, and make their lives easier!

5. LED 3-Tier Party Fountain 1.5 Gallon

Take your party decor to the next level by purchasing a 3-tier party fountain that can hold any drink that you want to add to your party.


Your third @ is bringing this to your next party!🥤 #partyfinds #drinkfountain #summermusthaves #amazonmusthaves #ourfavoritefinds

♬ Sunrise - Official Sound Studio

With a maximum holding capacity of 1.5 gallon, this 3-tier party fountain will move your drink in a loop and comes with eight cups that can be used to serve the drink.

You only need to fill up the party fountain with your favorite drink and wait for the fountain to get activated.

Another great party trick with this fountain is that you can light it up with a red light when it’s dark!

6. Scanmaker Air Pen Digital Highlighter and Reader

Scanmaker Air is a great tool to have if you are into reading or writing books or content.


This highlighter scanner is perfect for note taking as a student (can buy on Amazon or link in bio) #scanmarker #student

♬ A24 - GOON DES GARCONS* feat. Cuco

With the innovative digital highlighter, you can scan up to 3000 characters per minute. All you need to do is slide the Air Pen across a line of printed text and watch it appear on the screen connected.

This gadget also comes with a reader that supports real-time text to speech functionality as well.

For added convenience, you also get an ultra portable design with Bluetooth support, and compatibility support with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Scanmaker Air Pen is also super accurate and supports multilingual OCR text scanning and translation of more than 40 languages.

7. Fingerprint Padlock

Are you someone that’s always worried about losing a key to your school/college locker, or any other padlock you have?


It doesn’t need a key 😈 #fingerprintlock #biometriclock #lock #padlock

♬ under the influence - 💋!

Well, the fingerprint padlock is here to rescue you!

The padlock comes inbuilt with a biometric sensor that will scan your fingerprint and unlock when you use your fingerprint.

You still have an emergency unlock option that can be setup to help if you run into some problems with the biometric padlock.

If you have someone gearing to head back to school, then this is one TikTok find you need to buy!

8. Mini Portable Air Conditioner

This mini portable air conditioner is a handy unit to have when you want to relax in the summer.


Mini, portable A/C unit you can use indoors & outdoors 🤯. #amazonfinds2022 #amazongadgets #amazonfinds #amazonsummermusthaves #amazonsummerfinds #summer2022

♬ original sound - Julianna Christensen

You can get up to 9 hours of cold air from the mini portable ac which can be carried around thanks to it’s lightweight portable build.

To make things more interesting, this TikTok viral air conditioner also comes with three different settings - AC, humidifier, and a fan.

Simply carry the portable AC wherever you go, fill it up with water, and turn the switch on!

9. Disposable Hair Catcher for Shower Drain

Wave goodbye to clogged shower drains with this tiny, but cute little disposable hair catcher!


Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catcher Mesh Stickers❤️(credit @Marilyn2685)#lifehack #amazonfinds #foryou #amazonfavorites

♬ Believe Me - Navos

You probably didn’t know this existed, but now that you know, better buy it today by spending just $7 - $13 for a pack of up to 30 disposable hair catchers.

Once you get the disposable hair catcher for your shower drain, simple stick them up the shower drain, and let the hair catcher do it’s job.

After a few showers, simply remove the hair catcher, and dispose it with the rest of your trash, it’s that simple!

10. Uutensil Automatic Pan Stirrer

There are very few kitchen finds that can help you like the Uutensil Automatic Pan Stirrer.


The second item is PAW-fect 🐶 & multi-functional 👏🏻! #amazonfinds2022 #amazonmusthaves #amazonfindsunder20 #amazonkitchenfinds #amazonkitchenfavorites

♬ original sound - Julianna Christensen

With three different modes, this automatic pan stirrer will save you loads of time that you would otherwise spend manually stirring soups, sauces, porridge, or gravy.

You just need to place it in a pan or pot, push the button to turn it on and wait for the magic to happen as the stirrer automatically rotates by itself.

Tap the automatic stirrer’s power button one more time to turn it off. For added safety, the automatic pan stirrer comes in-built with heat resistance of up to 120 degree Celsius, non-stick body, and dishwasher safe materials.


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