How to get more followers on Instagram

Wondering about how to get more followers on your Instagram account? We have you covered with some of the best tips and tricks that are guaranteed to increase the number of followers you have. Get instant results and increase your follower count at ease.

Sep 29, 2021
How to get more followers on Instagram

Wondering about how to get more followers on your Instagram profile? We have you covered with some of the best tips and tricks that are guaranteed to boost the number of followers you have on Instagram. You only need to find the tactic that works for you, be consistent and follow some of the simple tips that we cover.

While it's never easy to get 10K followers on Instagram, grinding bit by bit is always possible. Stay persistent on your goals, push out the right content, and you will see a gradual increase in the number of followers. Combine this with some of the tips we cover on how to get more followers on Instagram to speed up the overall growth of your profile.

Post Consistently

Posting Consistently

If it's growth on social media platforms that you seek, it is important that you remain consistent in publishing new content at regular intervals. The best thing about posting regularly is that you set up expectations from followers who will be expecting and anticipating fresh content from your side. Regardless of whether you post daily, bi-weekly, or two to three times every week, make it a point to maintain consistency.

Posting consistently also helps in improving your Instagram engagement, and you can expect more feedback like comments and story shares for your posts when you are consistent. If you are someone who has a busy schedule, consider downloading and using an Instagram scheduling app that let you schedule a post in advance.

Using the Right Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram and Twitter are two platforms that let you utilize the hashtag (#) feature to maximum effect. Using the right hashtags on your Instagram post can make sure that your image or video content reaches out to the right viewers on a global scale. This can also bring in views from people who search for content related to the post you just made, making it a really useful way to build a community.

Spend time for research and finding the right hashtags that would appeal to your target audience. You can find apps that help you find relevant hashtags or check out some of the websites that give you a curated list of trending hashtags based on the topics you choose. Hashtags can also help the discoverability rate of your content, and thereby increase the number of followers by improving profile engagement.

Optimize Your Bio

Optimizing Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio speaks volumes about what you are all about! Instagram only allows users to come up with a bio that has a maximum character length of 150. Optimizing the bio with a clear description of what you do, a proper call to action (like read more or contact us) along with a link to your other social media/business handles is always ideal to improve engagement rates.

Contrary to how social media handles work, Instagram does not promote the usage of clickable links. The only clickable link on Instagram can be found in your bio. It is, therefore, important to use it wisely. If you wish to share more than one link on your bio, you can consider using link sharing platforms like Linktree and Campsite.

Create Instagram Reels

Creating Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is definitely a crowd puller feature on the platform today, and you can reach thousands of views within minutes of publishing quality reels today. If you are a video creator or have some quality video content in vertical format, consider uploading it as a reel. As this is relatively one of the latest features of Instagram, the platform is also promoting reels to a wider audience which, again makes it a great idea to spend time on Reels.

Now even if you are short of video content, there are several apps out there that let you create photo reels by adding music and photos that appear one after the other or as a static image. Make the most of this new feature to improve your number of followers instantly.

Find the Best Time for Posting

Finding the Best Time for Posting

When you are starting out your Instagram growth journey by being consistent and posting quality content, it is equally important to find the best time to post on Instagram. There is no definite time that works universally for everyone, and time that works for one person, might not work for the other. You can use Instagram insights on professional accounts to get an idea about when the audience is most active on the posts from your profile.

You can also consider posting at different times and keep track of the response you receive to get more clarity on times that work and bring in the most engagement. For more information, consider checking out our detailed guide that can help you find the best times for posting on Instagram.

Try Out Different Types of Content

Different Types of Content

Instagram is always evolving and introduces new features occasionally. While the app started as a platform for photo sharing, today, you can share long videos (IGTV), short videos (Reels), post multiple photos as a series (carousel), add stories and even do branded content with active associations with leading brands. The algorithm of Instagram also changes continuously, but overall, they do follow the search behaviour pattern of users to recommend content. If one person likes and comments more on Instagram Reels, chances are more for Instagram to show them more reels.

If you are unsure about what type of content your audience enjoys, consider trying out different types of available posts and track the engagement. It is also best to try out the latest features like Instagram Reels, as chances are always more for Reels to reach more viewers as it is a relatively new feature.

Explore Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborations with leading Instagram influencers or international brands with lots of followers are always an easy way to increase the number of Instagram followers you have. With more brands utilizing influencer marketing as one of the key marketing strategies for social media promotion of their products, it is a bit more easier to grab great opportunities today, than what it was a few years back. There are also plenty of creators who now have an established following, and are willing to help other influencers.

Get in touch with some of the micro-influencer that have between 1,000 to 10,000 followers and see if they are willing to collaborate. Since it's a win-win solution for both creators in terms of growth, there are huge chances of coming to an agreement. If you have a specific niche, or genre for your content, it is always best to reach out to creators that post similar content.

Make Use of Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics Dashboard

Instagram has a really cool analytics feature that offers you all the data you need on impressions, reach, demographic information about followers, gender, age, location and much more. You can also keep track of posts that are performing, and see what type of content has more engagement and views. You can also get an idea about what time of the day your followers use Instagram and this can help you decide the best time to post new content.

Analytics is often an underrated tool that is in the right hands and with adequate usage can help you a lot in increasing the number of your followers. Make sure to use Instagram Analytics to full effect if it's the absolute best engagement and response that you seek from your posts.

Don't Follow for Follow or Use Bots

Follow for follow, auto-follow bots, and auto liker applications are all things that you should be staying away from if you want to get results that stay for the long run. While follow for follow might work in helping you increase your follower count, the results are not usually permanent. The same people might unfollow you later, and your news feed will also get cluttered with content from all kinds of people. It is always recommended to only follow people that you can connect with through a common niche.

While follow for follow is a harmless method used by many Instagrammers to increase their number of followers, using bots or application that increases followers are something you should stay away. Most of the apps that claim to increase your follower count require you to authorize Instagram control. When you give this authorization, you run the risk of having your account hacked by people who make the app. Instagram might also take disciplinary actions like a shadow ban or removing followers you purchased through auto-follow apps if they notice your followers increase drastically in a short period.

Aim to Get Your Instagram Post Featured

Instagram Post

Getting a shout out or post featured on Instagram profiles with thousands of followers are guaranteed to increase your followers by multiple times. You can always find feature accounts that curate and re-share other uses' content for almost every niche out there. Some of these feature accounts have a huge following and having them share your posts with your handle will instantly bring over lots of followers to your account.

If you spend enough time doing some hashtag research, you can easily find most of these feature accounts. When you are doing the hashtag research, simply check out the 'top' tab and look for some of the top posts until you find one or two feature accounts. If they have a branded hashtag they use it on all the posts, copy the same, and use it on your account to increase the chances of the feature accounts picking up your next post.


Influencer marketing is on an upward spiral and it is also destined to get better in the coming years. Time is just about right to start focusing on increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account. Some of the tips and tricks we covered are only the tip of the iceberg to help you grow on social media platforms. When it comes to growing on Instagram, what's most important is to make sure that you remain consistent and continue publishing quality content until you achieve the milestones you have always wanted to complete.


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