How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

Beat the Instagram algorithm and get more views, engagement, likes, and more on your Instagram account with our guide on how to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2022

Nov 8, 2022
How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

Today, Instagram is one of the most competitive social media platforms.

Almost every niche has thousands of amazing content creators, and almost every category is saturated with high-quality content.

When you're just starting out, getting your content ranked higher can be quite a challenge.

Instagram is all about trial and error when it comes to understanding how it works. It will be difficult to create consistent engagement on Instagram until you understand how it works.

Our guide on how to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2022 is dedicated to helping you learn everything you need to know!

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

Before we move into the different aspects of beating the Instagram algorithm, we need to take a look at what exactly makes up the Instagram algorithm.

Just like any other social media platform in 2022, there are a set of signals and rules that determine the ranking of content on Instagram as well.

It is based on these signals and rules that posts appear on your feed, explore page, or post feeds.

The Instagram algorithm will crawl through your content, analyze it piece by piece, consider metadata, hashtags, and all other engagement metrics.

It will then distribute your content to Instagram users who like the subject of your content.

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works can help you optimize your content and make it easier for the algorithm to find the intended audience, to get the maximum engagement possible!

This is also why you see posts and stories from people whom you engage the most with.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm, just like most Instagram features is always evolving.

However, based on how the algorithm has been working so far, we can come to some conclusions as to how the Instagram algorithm works.

We can confirm that the Instagram algorithm uses a set of determiners to show viewers what they see when they log in to their Instagram accounts.

For simplifying the functionality of Instagram, let’s take a look at some of the key determiners:

1. Relevance

Instagram is all about consistency and prefers to showcase the most recent posts over older posts.

If you are someone that regularly updates new posts on Instagram, there’s a high probability for your posts to show on a friend’s feed than those who post less frequently.

The same theory applies to Instagram stories as well.

People that post more frequently, are more relevant to Instagram, and they distribute their content more often than those who post fewer times in comparison.

2. Relationship

Ever wondered why you come across posts from some of your close friends all the time on Instagram?

That’s because the Instagram algorithm has picked up the signals where you always open, swipe through carousel posts, and watch the stories of your closest friends.

Instagram algorithm understands that this is a person you are interested in, and whenever they add an update, Instagram makes sure that you see it on your feed, stories, or explore page.

Whoever you frequently visit on Instagram, be it your best friend, or family, you will see updates from them more often than a random stranger or people you are not too keen to keep tabs on!

3. Interest

Follow your favorite idol on Instagram? Do you love their content, and constantly engage with reactions, comments, or post/story re-shares?

This is another key determiner that tells the Instagram algorithm that you love this content.

As Instagram wants to stay on its platform and create more overall engagement, this will prompt the algorithm to show you more content from your favorite creator.

Anything that is of interest to you, or any topic that is of great interest to you, Instagram collects these signals and recommends more similar content for you to consume.

Based on some of these determiners, the Instagram algorithm will then decide”

  • The posts that will feature on your Explore page tab.
  • The posts that will appear on the top of your newsfeed.
  • The order in which reels, stories, and live videos will appear in your feed.

Apart from these primary determiners. There are also secondary metrics to improve the accuracy of the Instagram algorithm in understanding the intended target audience of each post.

These secondary ranking factors include, but are not limited to factors like frequency of using Instagram, session time, the number of accounts a user follows, and so on.

How Can You Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

If your posts on Instagram are not gaining the views and engagement you wish to get, you need to start learning these tricks to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2022.

Once you beat the Instagram algorithm, you will instantly see a massive spike in the overall engagement and discoverability of your content.

You will start seeing your posts featured on the explore page regularly.

This will also translate to improved likes, and comments, more post-re-shares, and eventually better opportunities when it comes to brand collaborations, and affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2022:

1. Work on Creative and Innovative Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are now the most popular format on the platform.

Introduced as a competitor to TikTok, Reels became an instant hit and has accelerated the growth of Instagram as a leading social networking platform.

So how can Reels help with the Instagram algorithm?

Well, Instagram is investing a lot of time, and energy in developing and popularizing its new format - Instagram Reels.

It is a feature that’s being shown in the limelight, and if you are someone that makes reels regularly, the algorithm finds it beneficial to suggest your content to a bigger audience.

If your reels gather momentum, they can bring in evergreen engagement, and this will simply prompt the Instagram algorithm to recommend more of your content, to an even bigger audience.

Put priority on creating reels, and you are guaranteed to grow bigger than ever.

Make the most of this opportunity while it lasts. You also need to be quick, as more creators are now taking up reels to increase their Instagram growth, which will lead to fierce competition to get ranked in the future.

2. Master the Art of Consistent Posting on Instagram

Consistency and Instagram go hand in hand, and it has always been this way.

If you want to be successful on Instagram as a creator, you need to be consistent with posts and regular updates.

Wondering why?

Creators who post frequently have more probability of being featured on the feed of your followers than those that post less frequently.

When you post consistently on Instagram, the algorithm will know that you will be regularly posting, and this will help it showcase your post to the maximum number of people on Instagram.

The relevance of posts is also a key factor in helping your content rank higher.

If you have a consistent posting schedule, regardless of whether a user logs in once in a while, or daily, both will get to see one or the other post from your account on their Instagram feed and stories.

3. Stay Clear and Away from Shadow Bans on Instagram

Getting your account shadowbanned is one of the most devastating blows that any creator can get on Instagram.

Not only does it slow down your growth on Instagram, but it also breaks the algorithm as well.

When you get a shadow ban on Instagram, your content will be restricted and limited just to your followers. Nobody outside your follower list will get access to view your post on Instagram.

The last thing creators want to get on Instagram is to create high-quality content that is not seen by anyone on the platform.

Make sure not to use any banned hashtags, content that goes against community guidelines, and of course stolen content from other creators.

If you want more help on how to avoid a shadow ban on Instagram, check out our complete guide on Instagram Shadow Ban.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work for Reels?

When it comes to Instagram Reels, the algorithm works slightly differently from how regular posts work.

Here, the ranking of Instagram reels is determined by your overall account activity and the type of Instagram Reels that you consume regularly.

Breaking it down, here is a quick look at some of the key determiners of Instagram Reels:

  • Your overall activity on Instagram - The reels you have liked, commented on, shared, and saved recently. This will be analyzed by the algorithm and used to determine Instagram reels that are relevant to you.
  • Performance of your Instagram Reels - If your reels get good engagement all the time, it instantly increases the overall discoverability of your posts consistently. The Instagram algorithm knows that viewers love your content, and will share your content with a wider audience.
  • The Reels you watch on Instagram - If you regularly watch Reels from a creator, there are great possibilities for their Reels to be recommended to you again and again. The same also happens with your Reels. Anyone that keeps tabs on your Reels will be shown more of your Reels, again and again.
  • The popularity of Reels - The overall popularity of Reels, and its related information like the audio track used, the popularity, frames, metadata, and all other aspects. By taking part in a viral Reels Challenge, you already have an engaged audience who will be searching for a particular niche or content, and they have better chances of finding your video.


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