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Branded Link Shortener | AppSumo LTD
Brand, track, and share your short links, plus engage with your users on a different level. Introducing: Branded Link Shortener. #leadgeneration #sales #SEO
Breeze - Simplify your project management | AppSumo
Breeze is a project management tool that lets you organize, plan, and track the progress on your projects and tasks. #productivity #taskManagementTool #projectManagementTool
Knowtworthy - Transcribe and manage team meetings | AppSumo
Knowtworthy is a meeting management platform that maximizes meeting productivity with collaborative minutes and real-time transcriptions. #productivity #clientmanagement #sales
Boomerangme - Generate digital loyalty stamp cards | AppSumo
Boomerangme is a loyalty program for small businesses that helps you create digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Play. #marketing #socialmedia #sales
SiteGuru - Monitor your SEO performance | AppSumo
With SiteGuru, you get a full SEO audit that tells you exactly where you need to start to improve your rankings. Now you can get SEO success without knowing all the SEO details. #marketing #SEO #data_analytics
LinkTube - Build a smartpage for your links | AppSumo
LinkTube lets you build a smartpage to host all your links and track performance, right from your mobile phone. #productivity #marketing #socialmedia
Katteb - Create quality content with one click | AppSumo
AI Copywriting With 1-Click. Create quality, relevant, and accurate content in seconds! πŸš€ #content #AI #marketing
Hello CRM | AppSumo
The market's highest value-stacked CRM is called Hello! Owners of agencies, entrepreneurs, marketers, and all other business owners can profit. #leadgeneration #marketing #CRM
Postpace - Optimize content for SEO | AppSumo
Postpace is an AI-powered content workspace that automates hours of topic research in two minutes and aids in workflow automation to help you optimize content more quickly and effectively. #productivity #SEO #content
Image - The AI Writing Tool | AppSumo LTD
Using artificial intelligence, you can quickly and easily create content for your blog, social media accounts, website, and other platforms. You can create social media, Google, sales texts, and much more with the help of more than 40 templates. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ #marketing #SEO #content
Cense AI | AppSumo
Cense AI is an efficient and affordable conversational AI solution. It helps enhance the customer buying journey and improves customer service. It also assists business owners in running their online stores efficiently. #productivity #support #AI
HireQuotient: Skill based Virtual Interviewer | AppSumo
Tired of endless interviews with candidates who look good on CVs but who just don't have the skills for the job? With HireQuotient, put an end to non-productive hiring interviews. #HR #AI #APP
Image - Smart AI Writing Assistant | AppSumo
Use WriteMe πŸ€– to generate: βœ… On-Spot Topic Ideas βœ… Accurate Long Form Content βœ… Flawless Short Form Content βœ… Engaging Articles & Blogs βœ… SEO Title & Descriptions βœ… Killer Digital Ad Copies βœ… High-Converting Marketing Copies …. and much more!
QuoteRules - Automate quotes for new leads | AppSumo
QuoteRules is an AI chatbot that generates custom quotes and proposals based on one-on-one conversations with prospects. #leadgeneration #sales #AI
Sidekick Ai - AI scheduling automation | AppSumo
By providing personalized scheduling pages and automatic scheduling, Sidekick Ai is a clever scheduling tool that saves you time. #CRM #AI #calendar