Hi there, lovely to meet you!

Welcome to the first ever Shopper.com blog post, we couldn’t be happier to start this new venture and bring a new and engaging blog to our website!

A place for us to share what delights and excites us as shoppers and create a community and a centralised place to communicate with each-other.

We aim to create a unified place for all information about shopping and saving money, and this to become to sole place people choose when they need any guidance or information about saving money and buying anything online.

Please sit back and enjoy the new and exciting world of Shoppers!

What do we do?

We are a group of excitable shoppers who enjoy saving money and decided to create a new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to make it easier for customers worldwide to get discounts for thousands of stores anywhere in the world.

Using our extension you can save money on any purchase you make online, and enjoy yourself doing so!

Meet the most important member of our team. Tony, he is here to help you with all your discounting needs, trotting around the world wide web to find you the best deals out there!

You can also help him by uploading any discount codes you see online through the Shoppers extension.

Our main aim is to give you the best and easiest shopping experience when using Shoppers, not only through using the extension but through reading our blog!

We will be uploading advice on which sites offer the best discounts, keeping you updated on the different deals and offers stores have, whilst giving you a personal and factual perspective on the best way to navigate these!

We just want to help you have more money in your pocket at the end of the month, make cost-effective shopping choices so you can buy more for less and feel relaxed whilst doing so. Most importantly, never missing a deal!

As we all know, online shopping can sometimes be more of a task than a pleasure, but we are here to make it as effortless as possible for you! From Homeware to Fashion, from Primark to Ralph Lauren no matter what the style or store we are here to help guide you through.

Never miss a thing, follow us on social media and be the first to read our blogs as they are uploaded and receive the best discounts on the internet!

Wait! Don’t Forget.

Download the extension here at the Chrome Store or for Firefox!

Remember Shopper.com automatically identifies and applies the best discount available for the exact product you want just before you checkout and just look how cute Tony is, how could you say no to downloading when with every purchase  you’ll be saving money just giving you more to spend!