The Best Time to Stream on Twitch: Explained

Find the perfect time to stream on your Twitch account to get the most engagement on your Twitch account and get more views, and consistency of streams

Nov 9, 2022
The Best Time to Stream on Twitch: Explained

Twitch is among the fastest-growing streaming video platforms.

Aside from being one of the most important social platforms out there, Twitch is also unique in the sense that it only allows creators to broadcast and live stream content.

Unlike YouTube, Twitch does not allow users to upload videos.

That's why it's so important to share your content and creativity at the right time on Twitch!

Streaming at the right time on Twitch can make a huge difference in whether your content reaches the intended audience.

If you are new to Twitch, or yet to figure out the best time to stream on Twitch, we got you covered. Continue reading, and by the time you are done reading this, you will have an idea about the best time to stream on Twitch!

Does Time of Streaming Matter on Twitch?

Before we dive into some of the best times to stream on Twitch for any creator, let’s answer this question - does the time of streaming on Twitch matter or have any significant importance?

Long story short, it does!

You can be a creator that regularly shares high-quality videos on Twitch, and you might be someone that is charismatic to woo any audience.

However, for that to be successful, you need to have an audience in the first place.

That’s where the time of streaming on Twitch, comes into play. If you stream after all your work’s done, and you are all set to sleep, remember the local audience will also be gearing up to do the same.

Would they all bother staying awake just to see you share your content?

That’s why time of streaming matters a lot. What’s even more intriguing about this whole process is that there is no set best time to stream on Twitch for everyone!

The time that works for you, might not necessarily for someone else, even if they are based out from the same location as you.

No two audiences are alike, and no two Twitch accounts will receive similar feedback, even if the content is similar.

What’s the Best Time to Stream on Twitch?

There is no clear answer to this question, as it is very subjective and is determined based on the average engagement a Twitch account generates, the followers you have, and the target audience.

For instance, if you are a gaming channel, viewers tend to stick around from start to end.

However, if you are a musician on Twitch, viewers might only be active when you are playing a song that they connect to. If the music is not according to their taste, they might leave, but you may find new viewers instead.

But don’t worry!

We do have some really important information for you. There are still universal happy hours on Twitch, where you can still get average to above average engagement and audience retention on your Twitch streams.

Ideally, it’s always good to stream on Twitch between 6 PM - 11 PM regardless of where you are based out from. That’s because these are hours when people relax on most occasions.

If you belong to the Pacific Standard Time zone, it is highly recommended to stream between 11 AM and 2 PM PST as these are hours when Twitch viewership peaks. There is a huge number of people online during these hours, and it’s easy to get the attention of some during this time.

It’s also not just the time of the day that matters!

The day you stream can also be a key determiner in deciding the engagement and audience retention of your Twitch stream.

Working days can be busy for almost everyone. For the younger viewers, they might have classes, whereas the older viewers might be engaged in work or travel.

Saturday and Sunday are always the absolute best days for streaming as you instantly increase the probability of more people coming across your stream on Twitch.

How Can You Create a Stream Schedule for Twitch?

Even though we covered some of the best times to stream on Twitch, it does not necessarily mean that these are times, comfortable for you, as a creator.

If you are starting out and just have a few followers, then again these timings might not work.

Finding the best time to stream on Twitch is a process that needs time.

It’s also all about trial and error and trying out different combinations until you find a combination that works.

That’s why we have you covered with some great ideas to find the best time and create the perfect stream schedule for Twitch, that will work for you!

1. Decide the Days You Can Stream

Chart out a schedule that has all the possible days you can stream on Twitch.

Mark down the days, and fix a time where you can stream on Twitch without fail.

This can be just the weekends like Saturday and Sunday, or a three-day schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much time you get to stream on Twitch.

When you maintain a schedule, people will expect you to come online and do a Twitch stream at your regular time, and this will ensure more audience retention from all your videos.

2. Maintain Consistency of Streams

Consistency is king when it comes to growing your profile on any social networking platform.

If you don’t maintain consistency, it can be very difficult for your followers to keep track of your latest updates.

They will end up missing out on some of your content and this can slow down your growth as a creator. That’s why creating a consistent streaming schedule is important to growing your Twitch account.

3. Go for Longer Streams

When you are starting out, viewers will generally be low, and you might have situations where you stream with no viewers at all.

Don’t feel down though, this is a process every Twitch streamer goes through when they start.

As you stream more, you will get more followers and will have more people to interact with during your live stream on Twitch.

Longer streams help you get the most views, more exposure, and most discoverability as this is crucial to building a community.

Mark down the times when viewers peak, and see if it replicates on other days as well.

This can help you find the best time to stream on Twitch for your account.


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