Spooky Savings!

It’s spooky season and whilst you are preparing you house ready for trick or treaters, preparing your pumpkins and planning your fancy dress outfits.

Here are some statistics around the holiday to give you an idea of the amount it actually makes, and in turn how much you could save through our guide!


Here are some key tips we can give you to make some more savings around this time, from candy to costumes we have some guidance for it all!


Halloween supplies for one can be cheaper depending one on where you go and two how close to halloween you shop. A lot of supermarkets offer deals on sweets and decorations ready for the evening, and usually have a whole aisle dedicated for them.

Supplies such as decorations, glow-sticks, the traditional glow in the dark teeth and face paint can be available in pound/dollar stores and can be just as good as the bigger brands for a considerably discounted price.

As items like this are only usually used for one night, buying them for a small price is a lot more worth it.

No one tends to keep their Halloween supplies for that long after the night as there is not much point unlike events like Christmas.

Why not try this: For some DIY decorations, you can simple make things look so much spookier by adding an old white sheet over furniture.

Ever heard of cheese cloth? You can drape this over mirrors to make a spider web effect, and to make this a little more ‘spooky’ you can pick up some cheap spider decorations from places such as a pound or dollar store.


One thing that you maybe cannot wait to purchase are pumpkins. Pumpkins are also available pretty much everywhere, especially at supermarkets. They are usually sold in huge baskets and sell out extremely quickly.


They can range between £1-5 depending where it comes from, with some places offer kits to help younger people and get more involved in the season.

Key tip: A way to make your pumpkin last longer is to clean the insides of your pumpkin out with bleach and water. You can also wait until the pumpkin is completely carved out and dry and spread petroleum jelly on the pumpkin to make it last the entirety of October.

Another tip! Don’t place the pumpkin directly onto concrete! Put some paper or card under it, and then it will last longer, as the concrete can dry it out quicker.


The most important part of the holiday some may say. The prices for these can vary so much! Some people choose to really spend a lot of money on this. Yet, there are local pop up stalls that offer lower price costumes as well as trying out fancy dress shops.

A tip for getting these at a discounted price is buying them a lot closer to the night. This can be a risk obviously as you may miss out on your ideal outfit, but it can prove A LOT cheaper.

Contrastingly, if you buy them way before the holiday you will also probably make a saving. It’s all about buying the product when other people are not thinking of it.

There are also a lot of other ways to save money during this season. You can try to do it all yourself.

If you have children, you can make an evening of it and make the decorations for your house and get the kids involved.

One thing my family used to do, was make the outfits. As a very creative family, we used to love doing this. The easy one being a Mummy with toilet roll, or a simple vampire in which all you need is face paint.

It can really be that cheap, although it is a really commercialised holiday it can be cheap and if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on it, you really do not have to.

Another way to save money on costumes is to wear your own clothes. You could easily be a Witch and just buy a hat and wear all black clothing, or use an old bed sheet and cut out wholes for the eyes and be a ghost!

Have you tried? Search thrift/ charity stores, you could probably not only find old style items that are directly linked to Halloween.

Or, you can maybe create an outfit by just searching in these stores. As the dated clothes can give some inspiration when you trying to think of ideas for your halloween outfits, such as potentially old sitcom characters maybe.


If you are having a party around this time, there are a lot of cheap activities you can do.


Bobbing Apples: This is such an easy and cost effective activity, all you need to do is buy a bag of apples and fill a bucket with water. That simple and it produces hours of laughter and fun!

Pumpkin stencilling/ carving contest: An interesting and exciting contest, that gets people of any age involved, it brings so many people involved in one game and produces so many creative and funny designs, that can then be made into your decorations.

Costume judging: Such a simple game, makes everyone have to get dressed up and become involved. You could do this in two ways, an adult contest, a children’s contest or a family contest.

Cardboard maze: You can attach cardboard boxes together, that you can save throughout the year and make a maze for everyone to go through and make a contest of it, with things to win or collect along the way.

If you are not as big of a fan of Halloween, we have saving tips on other things too:

This time of year there is a lot of things you can buy:

  • Jeans: There are stores like Hollister and American Eagle that offer up to 50% off deals. Apparently, this time of year is perfect to buy jeans, as the summer is coming to a close, these will start to go on sale before the big surge of people wanting to buy them ready for winter.
  • Outdoor Furniture: As winter comes closer, less and less people will be wanting to buy things for the outdoors. For this very reason, this is the best time for you to buy them. Items such as camping gear, tents and outdoor living essentials, that were highly priced in the summer will be considerably discounted now as the season finishes.
  • Bicycles: As it gets colder, less people buy bicycles as it’s getting so much chillier. So now is the ideal time to buy these.

Consequently, I have some tips on things not to buy:

  •  No gift luxury items: As prices go up around this time, it may be best to wait until Thanksgiving and December. Also, the prices for luxury items such as rings and jewellery will be cheaper around the discount periods.
  •  Don’t buy tools: These are usually sold on promotion around Christmas time, as people wish to work on home improvement in the new year. So wait, and buy later in the year!
  •  Do not buy boots: Worst time to buy these items, if you wait until Black Friday sales you can make brag worthy sales later on in the year.

There are a few site suggestions we have for you:

  •  Amazon – Amazon has everything, from decorations to costumes. You can find any type of product you could possibly want. Search and you could potentially find deals on halloween items whilst they have a ‘halloween store section’.
  • H&M – This site has a ‘spooky’ section, and has a variety of different ideas for outfits, from onesies to dresses, as well as accessories such as hairbands and jewellery.
  • Groupon – This is more for events and potential days out, but there are a lot of deals on here for ghost walks, murder mystery dinners and festival of horror – a rocky horror picture show type event.
  • Spirit Halloween – This is a purely costume based website, from theatrical to pet costumes they have it all. They also have group and couple costumes showing items like costumes from specific time periods and superheroes.
  • Missguided – More of a high street site, they have a lot of more ‘girly’ outfits, like body con skeleton dresses and headbands for a more feminine outfits.
  • Fancy Dress – As proven by the name, this is also a costume site. They have accessories, wigs and face-paint as well as costumes like baby costumes, pumpkin outfits and vampire costumes. They are also not that expensive as the quality of the outfits looks very good and as good as you may find in any physical fancy dress store.
  • Dress Lily – With its own halloween section, they have seven sections. Dresses, Home Decor, Cosplay Wigs, Hoodies, Party Supplies, Tops and Plus Size Dresses. This site also has a lot of deals available, with sales of up to 80% off.

Hopefully this guide can help you know what and what not to purchase this month and help you have the best Halloween ever!

Enjoy the spooky season, and make a saving whilst doing it.