Get Started With Affiliate Marketing On Snapchat In 2023

With its younger user base, high engagement rates, and opportunities for creative and interactive content, Snapchat can provide a unique platform to build authentic relationships with followers and promote products through affiliate links.

Mar 24, 2023
Get Started With Affiliate Marketing On Snapchat In 2023

Snapchat affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money by promoting products to your followers. The following steps can help you get started in 2023:

  1. Build Your Snapchat Following: To start affiliate marketing on Snapchat, you need to build good following. Keep your followers engaged by creating content they'll love and want to share. You can get discovered by new audiences by utilizing hashtags and Snapchat's discover feature.
  2. Find affiliate programs that fit your niche and target audience. Find programs that provide quality products, offer competitive commissions, and have a good reputation. Browse our Partnership page for high-converting affiliate programs.
  3. Create engaging content: Create engaging content that promotes your affiliate products. Your content should be authentic and add value to your followers. Use creative tools on Snapchat to make your content stand out and grab attention.
  4. Share Your Affiliate Links: Share your affiliate links on your Snapchat stories and engage with your followers. Make use of call-to-actions (CTAs) to encourage followers to make a purchase.
  5. Track Your Results: Monitor your performance and keep track of your results. Using Snapchat's built-in analytics, you can track engagement and clicks on your affiliate links. Make use of this data to improve your strategy and optimize your content.
  6. Ensure compliance with Snapchat guidelines: Be sure to comply with Snapchat's sponsored content guidelines and affiliate marketing policies. Make sure you disclose any sponsored content or affiliate links you post to your followers.

What are the advantages of Snapchat affiliate marketing?

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There are several reasons why Snapchat can be a great affiliate marketing platform:

  1. Snapchat has a highly engaged audience, with over 280 million daily active users, many of whom are young. People in this demographic are more likely to make impulse purchases and are more open to buying products recommended by their favorite influencers.
  2. Creative and Interactive Features: Snapchat's creative and interactive features, such as lenses, filters, and augmented reality, can enhance affiliate marketing content. By using these features in your content, you can make it stand out and differentiate from other content.
  3. Content on Snapchat is often more raw, authentic, and personal than content on other social media platforms. By doing this, you can build trust with your audience and encourage them to take action.
  4. Using Snapchat's discover feature, you can discover new content and accounts easily, which can help you grow your following.
  5. Snapchat's direct messaging feature allows you to communicate with your followers and potential customers one-on-one. You will be able to build relationships with your audience and provide them with personalized recommendations as a result.

In general, Snapchat's engaging and younger audience, creative and interactive features, authentic and personal content, discoverability, and direct messaging make it an excellent affiliate marketing platform.

Snapchat Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

The following are some examples of affiliate marketing success stories with Snapchat:

1.Shaun McBride, aka Shonduras: Shaun is a Snapchat influencer who generates a significant income through affiliate marketing. Several of his posts include affiliate links and sponsored content. He also shares product recommendations with his followers. His Snapchat account earned him over $1 million in a single year thanks to companies like Disney, Samsung, and Target.

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2. Cassey Ho, aka Blogilates: Cassey is a fitness influencer who uses Snapchat to promote her programs and products. Her posts include affiliate links and provide personalized workouts and nutrition advice. Using Snapchat affiliate marketing, she has been able to increase her revenue by over 300%.

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3. Sam Ushiro, aka Aww Sam: Sam is a lifestyle influencer who promotes fashion, beauty, and home decor products using Snapchat. She incorporates affiliate links into her posts and creates engaging content using fun filters and stickers. Her affiliate marketing efforts with companies like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom have earned her a significant income.

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4. Sophia Amoruso, aka Girlboss: Sophia uses Snapchat to promote her business and products as an entrepreneur and influencer. As part of her posts, she offers business advice and inspiration to her followers, and she also includes affiliate links. As a Snapchat affiliate marketer, she has been able to generate substantial income as well as build a successful brand around her own image.

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To start affiliate marketing on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Your Niche: Pick a niche that you are passionate about and can create content around. As a result, you'll attract an audience interested in your products and engage them.
  2. Find Affiliate Programs: Identify affiliate programs with high-quality products and attractive commissions that fit your niche. Make direct contact with brands or join, CJ, Awin, and Clickbank networks.
  3. Create a Snapchat account: Create a Snapchat account if you don't already have one, and start building a following. Post content that provides value to your followers on a regular basis, using relevant hashtags, and interacting with other users in your niche.
  4. Promote Affiliate Products: Once you're a member of an affiliate program, you can start promoting products on Snapchat. Take advantage of Snapchat's creative tools to create engaging content such as product reviews, tutorials, and unboxing videos. Ensure that your audience knows if any content is sponsored or affiliate-related.
  5. Include Affiliate Links: You can include affiliate links in your Snapchat posts, stories, or bio, and encourage your followers to click the links or make purchases. You can create urgency by using call-to-actions and offer discounts or bonuses to entice them to make a purchase.
  6. Track Your Results: Monitor your clicks, conversions, and earnings to stay on top of your performance. By using this data, you can optimize your content and strategy, test different products or campaigns, and find ways to increase your income.
  7. Follow Snapchat Guidelines: Follow Snapchat's guidelines and policies regarding sponsored content and affiliate marketing. Transparency is key, so make sure your posts include any sponsored content or affiliate links.

Snapchat affiliate marketing - Frequently Asked Questions  

Here are some frequently asked questions about Snapchat affiliate marketing:

What is Snapchat Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing on Snapchat is the process of promoting products or services on Snapchat and earning a commission on any sales.

How do I become a Snapchat Affiliate Marketer?

Become a Snapchat affiliate marketer by creating a Snapchat account, building a following, finding affiliate programs, and promoting products with your unique affiliate link. You can join affiliate programs through networks such as or join, CJ, Awin, and Clickbank networks.

How do I find the right products to promote on Snapchat?

Select a niche you are passionate about, research affiliate programs that offer relevant and high-quality products, and consider your audience's interests and needs when choosing products to promote on Snapchat. Browse our list of 25,000+ brands across the globe to partner.

Can I use Snapchat for affiliate marketing without a website or a blog?

Snapchat can be used for affiliate marketing without a website or blog. Having a website or blog, however, can help you provide more information about the products you promote and increase your credibility.

How do I disclose sponsored or affiliate content on Snapchat?

In order to comply with Snapchat's guidelines and policies, you should disclose any sponsored or affiliate content you include in your posts and stories using the hashtags #ad, #sponsored, or #affiliate.

How do I track my performance and earnings as a Snapchat Affiliate Marketer?

You can monitor your earnings and performance through a dashboard or tracking system provided by most affiliate programs. Using Snapchat's built-in analytics, you can track your affiliate links' engagement and clicks.

How much can I earn as a Snapchat affiliate marketer?

Earnings as a Snapchat affiliate marketer depend on several factors, including your audience size, engagement rate, products you promote, and commission rates. Through affiliate marketing on Snapchat, you can earn a significant income if you follow a consistent strategy and work hard.


To get started with affiliate marketing on Snapchat in 2023, build your following, find the right affiliate program, share engaging content, track your results, and comply with Snapchat guidelines. The affiliate marketing on Snapchat can be a lucrative business if you work hard and follow a consistent schedule.


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