Movember is an annual event that involves the growing of moustaches and beards throughout the month of November.

This month is to raise awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer and male suicide. This is ran by the Movember Foundation at

This month challenges men to grow facial hair for 30 days, as a global event this is made for all genders to raise awareness of these illnesses.

Men are usually the participants of this event, and the women who take part in this are called Mo Sista’s and are a crucial element of the success of Movember by supporting and encouraging the men in their life to get involved.



Movember is an international occasion and stands for:

Improving quality of life:

Men facing cancer, face a battle during and after their treatment. The Movember Foundation and sponsors are helping the sufferer be given the tools to battle this and live life and live it well.

Prevention of suicide in men:

Fathers, sons, brothers and friends are suffering daily and dying from suicide every minute of every day. The foundation are trying to create new approaches in mental health. As in the UK 75% of all suicides are by men. So what we can do to help is: talk, ask, listen, encourage action and check in!

Helping men take action:

Men are dying on average 6 years earlier than women for reasons that are wholly preventable. So the foundation have come up with 5 tips on taking action.

  1. Make man time: stay connected, check in with friends regularly and make time for each other.
  2. Have open relationships: be there for your friends listen and give time!
  3. Talk to the GP: At the age of 50 you should be taking to the GP about a PSA test, as this is your right to have. If you are of different ethnicities or have family members who have suffered with cancer, you should asked to be checked earlier around 45.
  4. Check yourself: If something doesn’t feel normal, go to the doctor and get it checked, there’s no harm in checking it out!
  5. Move: Exercise more. Add some activity to your day, it’ll make you feel better the more you move about.

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Whether it is you participating or you’re a Mo Sista, from all at please don’t forget to help fight and raise awareness of men’s health both mental and physical.

Use us to make a saving on the products you’ll need for this amazing month, whether you are the one growing the facial hair, or you want to simply by a gift for someone doing this challenge.

However, we urge you to continue to donate and sponsor so we can help the Movember Foundation with their goal of reducing the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030”.

Happy Movember from all at