What is Shoppers:

Here at Shoppers we are a community of like minded shoppers offering the best deals to the rest of the community, with the help of trusty Tony the Pig.

More specifically though, Shoppers is an extension for your browser – currently Chrome and Firefox.

That automatically find the best discounts at the sites you visit! Visit your favourite sites, use our extension and save money!

It’s as simple as that!

Tony trots across the world wide web, finding the best codes applicable for the items you are shopping for and saving you money and time in the process!

Get started: 

To get this extension and start saving money instantly, all you need to do is download the extension on your chosen browser, either Chrome of Firefox. In three easy steps, as shown below, you’ll be saving money in no time.


Add the extension – once you have added it, you will see a small orange label with an S in it on the right hand side of the toolbar at the top. Once you have done this, go shopping!

Shoppers have coupons and deals for over 37,000 stores! At the touch of a button you could be saving money, leaving you with more to spend later.

Why Shoppers?

You may be asking ‘Why do I want this, why Shoppers?’, the answer is simply – why not!

It is a simple and perfectly free extension to your browser, that once downloaded is there to save you money worldwide on a variety of products. Not just retail items.

Also, we are a community. As Shoppers we just want to guide you towards the best deals and  undoubtedly save you money in the process.

What’s new?

Here at Shoppers HQ we have many exciting developments!

Currently, we are a reasonably small team. However as we develop and grow as a company, so must the team!

Which is why we are expanding and gaining new Shoppers team members. As the community grows, so must we and we are thrilled at the prospect of new Shoppers employee’s joining soon!

Similarly, as the team expands we will soon have to move out of the office we are currently in. We have found and will be moving to a new office in the coming weeks, which is a positive step forward to bigger things and we are all very excited about this!

As the months go on, we will have many more amazing things coming up, so stay tuned!

Let us help you save money, start saving today in three easy steps.



Happy Saving.