The Best Ways To Support Your Favourite Creators

Want to help your favourite creator blow up on social media platforms? Here is a detailed guide with all the best ways to support your favourite creators.

Apr 19, 2022
The Best Ways To Support Your Favourite Creators

A successful social media creator needs the support of his or her fans and followers in order to succeed. Starting out as a creator, this is even more essential.

Engagement is often hard to come by in the early stages of a creator's journey. Creators will also be restricted in sharing content to an audience that is limited when the number of followers is low.

Supporting your favorite creators will help them reach a broader audience, faster, and in an easier way.

Supporting a creator isn't hard at all, you don't need to spend hours on it.

If you want to support creators but don't know how or where to start, we've got you covered. Below are some of the best ways to support your favorite creators.

Following the tips we mention below will be more than enough to ensure that the creators you love stay motivated.

1. Share Their Content On Social Media

Engagement with their content is one of the main things creators need and want.

By sharing the content of your favorite creator on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you ensure a steady supply of visitors and engagement for them.

Another advantage of sharing content is that it will instantly increase discoverability.

As you share more, more people will see their content on your social media feed. Some of them may prompt you to click, as well as to consider following your favourite creator.

Your followers who like the content you shared may also re-share the same post.

As a result, the post will be shared with their followers again, increasing visibility.

By sharing the original post, a content was shared with 10 of the creator's followers, and maybe another 5 of your followers who reshared it.

Sharing their content on social media platforms is one of the best ways to support them.

With people now having presences on multiple social media platforms, you can also share your content on these channels to increase discoverability, engagement and views.

2. Give them feedback as you consume their content

Sharing content is important, but it's just as important to give valuable feedback to your favourite creators.

Both viewers and creators see their content differently.

This makes it easy for creators to overlook some of the issues with their content. Followers can, however, easily spot some issues (if any) in the content of their favorite creator if they consume all of their content.

Therefore, it is helpful to watch through most of the content of the creators you follow.

It is easy to communicate with creators and share feedback since every creator platform provides a comments section. Regardless of how big or small a creator becomes, they love reading the comments on their content.

Even though creators may not be able to respond to every comment, they do read your feedback.

Also, we can confirm that creators appreciate feedback, and make constructive efforts to reduce flaws in order to improve their overall content.

3. Make Fan Content To Amplify Their Voice

This idea is a bit more advanced.

If you have basic editing skills or simply know how to screen record and add music, you can create some fan content for creators you follow.

Yes, you can create video and photo fan content for your favorite creators and share it on social media.

Please remember to share links on these posts that redirect viewers to your favourite creator's page.

You can also do this on your favorite creator's milestones like subscriber milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Alternatively, you can cut part of their content and use it on your profile to attract new visitors. This will help make their content more discoverable.

It is also a good way to generate leads from visitors who previously were unaware of the creator.

4. Purchase Their Merchandise, and Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is a big industry today, that has tons of potential business opportunities that creators explore.

They can also make significant gains by promoting their affiliate products through the content platform they share. How? Well, creators get affiliate codes that they will probably use as links in the description.

This is mostly showcased in videos that feature a product or service. By making use of these links, you can get savings and at the same time, gift the creator with some earnings.

Content creation does come with expenses and creators need to constantly update the gears they use to get the best output on their content.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to find the money for these.

If you really like a product that is recommended by your favourite creators, consider purchasing through the links they share instead of going directly to the store.

Creators can earn much-needed commission by having more purchases made through affiliate links.

Some creators have their own merchandise, and buying these would help them generate more revenue. So what are you waiting for, support a creator by purchasing their merchandise, affiliate products or service today!

5. Donate to Motivate Creators in Improving Their Content

It is not just emotional support that creators want and need all the time.

Sometimes, they also need your monetary help, and this is something you can do at ease (well, at least on platforms they have monetization features).

If your favourite creator has their monetization enabled, consider giving them a few tips.

It does not necessarily have to be a huge amount or anything. Even small bits and donations can help creators. Most importantly, this can easily motivate other views to give donations as well.

Viewers who can afford large donations might hesitate when they see no one else donating.

However, offering even a small donation from your end might motivate them to consider going for tips and donations.

As a general word of advice, it's always best to give donations at a time when activity is highest so that others might also do the same.

As the donation feature is mostly available during live streams, it is also a great motivation for the creators in real-time.

6. Give Them A Shout Out Every Now and Then

Word of the mouth is one of the most powerful tools to get the attention a creator needs.

It does not take a lot of time and energy to give a shoutout to your favourite creator. You can include some of their posts on your social media stories and tag them.

You can share their content and ask people to view them and comment on their feedback on your posts.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you support a creator by giving them a shoutout.

To make the most of the shoutout, it's always best to ask your friends and followers to share the shoutout post.

Most of the social media platforms also come with an internal hyperlinking option that can be used to add a link to the creator's profile.

This way, you can instantly boost your discoverability rate and reach a wider audience at ease.

To Summarize,

These are just some of the many best ways you can try to support your favourite creators.

However, there are other options which you may find to be even more interesting. Do let us know about these by interacting with us on our social media pages.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is your thought about wanting to see your favourite creator shine.

You have been patient enough to read through everything up to now. That shows how serious you are to find out the best ways to support your favourite creators.

Hopefully, following some of the simple tips and tricks that we covered today, can help you achieve this feat.


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