It’s the first month of the year, shoppers! If your finances got into a bit of a tangle last year thanks to an overspend here and there, why not make 2019 the year to sort them out? We’ve curated these awesome tips to beat the post-Christmas debt hangover while you shop online, and to keep you motivated to save money.

There’s one silver lining to January’s financial clouds.

The Christmas splurge and December’s early pay means many of us take on the resolution to spend less and focus on setting realistic money-saving goals. After all, saving money is one such resolution that’s on nearly everyone’s New Year Resolutions’ list!

Yet much like the ones who want to eat healthily, read more, or spend less time on social media, the people who decide to clean up their finances start off with noble intentions but somehow lose steam somewhere along the way.

Next thing you know, they’re right back to where they started, struggling to find the motivation to reach their savings goals, and splurging the little cash they have online.

1. Question your saving motives

Research conducted by Strava, the social network for athletes, has discovered that Friday January 12 is the fateful day when your motivation to keep resolutions begins to falter. By analysing over 31.5 million global January activities, Strava was able to pinpoint the second Friday in January as “Quitters’ Day”.

Of course, we’re well past the brink of giving up on our new year resolutions. But it’s always useful to step back and look at the bigger picture. The first tip to save money while shopping online is to go back to the original reason you wanted to save in the first place. Ask yourself: why?

Are you saving money to book a fancy holiday? Or are you trying to cut back when shopping online to put money towards a downpayment on a house? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your car! Whatever the reason may be, write it down and make sure you connect with it. You need a “why” that resonates with you. Saving “just because it’s the right thing to do” doesn’t help. It’s not a strong enough motivator. And sure enough, you will quit.

2. Abandon cart, not resolutions

If you are tempted by an online purchase, try abandoning your checkout cart.

It might sound like an odd thing to do but abandoning your online shopping basket could score you a discount. Some retailers will be keen to encourage you to complete your purchase and will find ways to sweeten the deal. So in a few days, you may get an email with a special discount code or an offer for free delivery.

Retailers are super keen to keep you engaged when you shop online, especially as statistics show that 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before shoppers go through with their purchases.


 Abandon cart in action


So rather than succumbing to temptation and impulsively buying another pair of sneakers, try waiting a while. A coupon may not appear every time, but if you’re not in a rush to buy, it’s worth a try. You’ll save money, and you will feel so content knowing you haven’t abandoned your resolutions.

3. Stack your coupons

Speaking of coupons, don’t be afraid to use more than one on the same purchase. It’s an amazing way to score a great online deal.

In some cases, retailers will have restrictions on the number of discounts you can apply, but others, such as Amazon, are less strict.

Kohl’s just might be the king of coupons when it comes to the ability to stack them. As a matter of fact, you can stack up to three coupons per online purchase. Start with a site-wide percentage off coupon to your cart. Then, if available, add department specific coupon codes to your purchase. If you’re lucky, try adding a free shipping coupon code so you get your purchase delivered to your doorstep for no extra charge.

Remember to use your money-saving opportunities strategically though. If you have one code for 10% off your purchase and another for $10 off, use the 15% off first. That will apply the 15% discount to the full price of the product, earning you a much better discount.

Alternatively, you could just let us do the stacking for you. Our browser extension automatically applies coupons at your checkout, so you can sit back, relax, and watch the savings add up. coupons are handpicked by users and verified by us, too, so our community is always kept up-to-date on the latest deals and discounts!

In the famous words of Don Draper from Mad Men — “Miss Mencken, coupons work.”

4. Negotiate with chatbots

If you’re a regular in the online shopping world, chatbots are your friendly customer service agent. It’s great to have a new way of interacting with your favourite brands and a faster way to assist in your shopping queries.

They can also do more than just offer a new channel for you to find deals and make purchases. These online helpers may be able to offer you a sneaky discount if you strike up a conversation about an item and do some haggling.

Here are some examples you can use when talking to a chatbot:

  • “When’s the next time this item will go on sale?”
  • “I’m shopping around. If you can take 10 percent off, I’ll buy it right now.”
  • “Can you match the price I saw on XYZ’s site? (Name the company’s biggest competitor.)
  • “Is there any chance to get 10% off this purchase for my time on your website?


Here’s an example of an awesome discount.

If you can save some dollars from time to time buying clothes and electronic devices online, why not do it? If you feel a bit shy about asking for a discount, remember that these chatbots are automated, so don’t be hesitant to appear pushy!

5. Outsmart dynamic pricing

Say what now?

The best tips are always saved last! A dynamic price is a price retailers may show you based on your location, browsing history, and the demand for the product itself. You won’t always be presented a higher price, but it can happen.

Take airplane tickets for example. One moment you’ll be amazed at how cheap they are, and yet when returning to the same website on a different day the price may have skyrocketed way out of your budget.

To outsmart this sneaky algorithm consider the following:

  • Clear your cookies and browser history —  you’ll appear as a  “new customer” on site.
  • Browse anonymously by signing out of your accounts and use incognito mode (it’s ⌘ + Shift + n for Mac users. For all other operating systems Ctrl + Shift + n).
  • Use a tool such as a VPN, so your IP address appears to be in a different location (which may show you different rates).

Using a combination of all three steps is a sure-fire way to find some great savings. Companies are likely to present you with the best deals if they’re trying to lure you in as a first-time customer, so it pays to look at your purchases with a fresh set of eyes and a fresh browser.

Key takeaways

So what tips can you take away from this blog today? The most important tip is to always have a strong purpose and really know your money vision. From there, you can try some awesome methods of online savings such as negotiating with chatbots; abandoning your checkouts for extra discounts; stacking your coupons wisely; and to play the game that retailers play and go beyond their dynamic pricing.

We hope that these small and useful tips can show it doesn’t take a lifestyle overhaul to become a saver. You can start saving simply by taking the time to look online for the best deals. And if you don’t have the time? Let do the work for you and apply discounts automatically to your shopping cart.


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